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3 Tips on how to Overcome Fear


“Are you a BIG fan of self-development?”

“Have you found that you have written down the same goals, year after year?

“Are you maybe in a good place or even great place in your life, but deep down you know that there’s something missing?”

I used to answer yes to all three of those questions and though I have achieved a minimum of level of success personally and professionally, I always found that I had placed certain limitations on myself and these limitations were what I call the “self-imposing fears.”

So, what are these self-imposed fears?

Well, we have to fear failure fear success, fear change, the unknown or just fear being made fun of. Ultimately, these are fears that we create our own minds and we sell ourselves on not making the decisions and choices that we ultimately want to make.

Once I was able to systematically overcome these self-imposing fears, I was able to achieve better results, and ultimately change my life. I have had the privilege now to work with hundreds of successful proven entrepreneurs all across North America. I’ve also spent the last 12 months in Asia meeting with leaders on that side of the world.

I believe that you are able to hide use these three tips in your day-to-day life,
you’re going to see a dramatic difference and how you are able to overcome your
own self-imposing fear and ultimately make better choices for it.

It does require you to be a bit honest with yourself, but if you’re ready to
throw your ego aside… Let’s jump right into it!

The first step is “Acceptance”

People subconsciously know the situations that create this kind of gripping,
self-imposing year fears in their lives and obviously, it creates these emotions that are
pretty negative. You have the pit in your stomach emotion and you’re almost frozen with indecision. These scenarios can really range from asking for a promotion at work on, chasing what you believed to be your potential dream or even a simple as
asking someone out.

Next time you are faced with these self-imposing fears, it’s important not only to acknowledge it, but to be able to accept the fact that your operating in fear. By naming these emotions it makes everything less scary and the statement itself empowers your brain because it makes it known.

“I’m scared to do XYZ because I fear of rejection, of pain or
just people judging me” Now that would be a good example.

The second is to “learn how to embrace it”

Fear comes from a very negative connotation and we know it creates these negative unwanted feelings, but if we’re able to shift our focus from a negative
to more of a positive one, we realize that it is in the scenarios that we are facing these self- imposing fears that we end up growing the most.

What I mean by that is, whenever you’re actually feeling these fears, it means that you’re doing something different. You have made different decisions, you made different choices, and your body in your mind can’t keep up. Naturally, it feels not at ease, and naturally you feel like there’s a paralysis of fear.

In reality we need to start embracing these moments that we experience fear in because it means that we are constantly making decisions to expand ourselves and we’re constantly moving ourselves out of our comfort zone.

Everyone knows that life stars on the edge if your comfort zone and so we need to create more of an atmosphere in society where we celebrate being in fear and it’s actually a great thing.

Lastly, you want to take massive action!

Going back some the earlier questions up this video I found myself writing down the same goals year after year after year and the reason I wasn’t able to achieve a significant result in any these departments is because I didn’t have the courage
to take massive action.

The funny thing is, the more time you hesitate you allow your brain to fabricate these made up stories that kind of freeze you in inaction. So go out there, and take action jump into it that way you have bypass this brain trick and that’s really the three-step process in terms of being able to overcome any self-imposing fear.

It starts with acceptance up these fears, learning how to embrace them, and taking massive action.

There’s a great quote by Dan Sullivan –
“the problem is never really the problem, the problem is that people don’t even know how to think about the problem”
I hope that this framework gives you a different way of thinking about your own self imposing fears. Go out there and achieve some results!

Please leave me some comments tell me if you get any results from this
Ask me any questions too!

I know what is wrong with human society

Heart pounding. Sweating. Anxiousness “What if I forget the words? What comes after this sentence? Will this make sense? This is it…it’s show time!” It is time to put what I’ve learnt to use; the time has come to public speak in Chinese.

Standing in front of my Chinese class, it dawns on me; a mere 11 months ago (February 2014) I did not even know how to order “chicken fried rice or beef noodles” in Chinese. Now, I speak Chinese on a daily basis. Sure, it does not compare to an actual Chinese native speaker, but I understand newspapers, I understand news, and there is virtually no common topic I cannot decode using a Chinese-English dictionary.

It is truly phenomenal what the human mind can accomplish when one is put in a situation that they MUST succeed. In some ways, it may sound a bit cheesy, but in my case, failure was NOT an option.

Basic communication was on the line. Human connection. To be heard and to be understood. Society is not made to lower itself to your own shortcomings. It is YOU that must bend your beliefs and create the appropriate breakthroughs so that you can properly communicate and be an active participant in society. Everyone person wants to be heard.

This was our final presentation topic. The question at hand – 人类社会存在的问题 (translates to – problem of human society)

My first thought… are you kidding me? I barely know how I would answer that question in English, nevertheless, Mandarin?

Below is the finalized answer/presentation :

“这个问题乍一看很复杂,可是我想来想去,其实很简单。 我们的生活中类似的情况不少。有时候觉得生活太难熬了。有学习压力,或者工作负担, 并且有社会压力。 我们可能以为如果我们干得很辛苦, 我们可以赚到很多钱,然后我们应该得到幸福感。 可是你平时听到或者看到人们在这个世界上不太开心或者完全苦闷。我觉得问题是我们怕追求自己的梦想。

从小的时候教育的制度要求我们去幼儿园, 然后小学,中学, 高中, 最后是大学。如果,你开始工作,每个公司几乎都要求你从最低的职位 爬到最高的。我不能说这两个制度没好处,但是我想指出的问题是每个制度早已给你们他们的计划。很多人,为了钱或者稳定性完全忽略了自己的梦想。

怪不得, 人们到一段时间, 他们发现根本不合适这分工作,或者找到不对的情侣,因而马上离婚。这些小问题之所以存在,是因为很多人没付出时间好好儿思考自己想怎么样活。自己的梦想到底是什么?


无论是谁,凡是每个人肯定都碰到过这些深深的无助的感受,所以每个人都可以互相了解。 怕是怕,不过你不继续追,你永远不知到你可能达到什么结果。你以为有人笑你,但,肯定有人赞成你。

对我来说,每个人都想了解自己的才能,以后用功集中发挥自己的本领。教育应该教你什么解决各种各样的问题。打工应该为你提供你工作经验,而且帮你建立生活中重要的关系。 我相信如果我们可以克服自己怕什么,我们可以活得 更幸福,而且热心地解决全球的问题。


如果你需要有一天说出来你成功, 你先需要失败。这句话也没说你需要失败了几次。可能好多几次。。。


Here is the English translation : (This is taken directly from Google Translate. Even Google is not perfect at translating Chinese to English.)

At first glance, this problem is very complex, but to my mind, is actually very simple. Our lives a similar situation a lot. Sometimes I think life is too tough a. Learning pressure, or workload, and social pressures. We may think that if we do very hard, we can make a lot of money, then we deserve happiness. But you usually hear or see people in this world do not feel happy or completely depressed. I think the problem is that we are afraid to pursue their dreams.

When childhood education system, which requires us to go to kindergarten, and elementary school, middle school, high school, and finally the university. If you start working, almost every company requires you to climb from the lowest of the highest positions. I cannot say that these two systems is not good, but I want to point out that the problem is that each system has already given you their plans. Many people, for the money or the stability of completely ignoring their dreams.

No wonder, people go to for some time, they found it inappropriate simply divide the work, or to find a couple of wrong, and therefore divorce immediately. These small problems exists, because many people do not choose to take their time thinking about their gonna live. His dream in the end is what?

Say the problem or “dreams” Although very sweet, but really it is not so simple to do. In fact people are not afraid of their dreams, fear of failure when the pursuit of dream. Are you afraid when you fail, the whole society of people laugh at you, you are afraid of your life are when a loser.

No matter who you are, everyone who certainly have come across these deep feelings of helplessness, so that everyone can understand each other. Fear is fear, but you do not continue to chase, you never know what the results that you may achieve. Do you think someone laugh at you, but certainly someone agree with you.

For me, everyone wants to know their talents, after hard play to their ability to concentrate. Education should teach you what to solve a variety of problems. Your work should provide work experience for you, and help you build important relationships in life. I believe that if we can overcome what they fear, we can live happier and enthusiasm to solve global problems.

I want to take advantage of this opportunity to introduce you to a saying: “Failure is the mother of success.”

If you need one day say you are successful, you first need to fail. This statement did not say you need to fail a few times. Probably a lot of times. . .

We have only one life. Together we should support everyone to pursue their dreams, and therefore we can influence others with their problems facing the community together.

Society has a plethora of problems and no one thing will solve everything immediately. Perhaps, we have to be responsible for our own lives and fears before we can start preaching to others how the world should be changed.

A couple things you should ponder as you make this year’s resolutions

– What are some accomplishments that you have achieved in 2014 you can celebrate? (This only works looking backwards, not measuring yourself forward against who you think you “should” be. Be grateful for what you have done, who are you, and the people in your life)

– As we have just kicked off a NEW YEAR (2015), what is your dream? Do you dare to chase it now? Are you ready to fail first? (Probably a lot of failing)
Please comment and share your answers below!!! Will respond MORE consistently!


A more frequent writer than last year.

PS. Chicken Fried Rice : 鸡炒饭 Beef Noodles : 牛肉面


What I learnt from an 8 year old on a plane


Sitting on the plane, about to spend a month in western rural China traveling without too much of a plan. I was exhausted emotionally and physically from all the good-byes and “obligatory” parties in the previous weeks. I needed time for myself.

I was hoping I could catch a few hours of sleep before landing so I can start my trip with energy and enthusiasm. As I started drifting off, I noticed the person sitting next to me was a simple little girl. I assumed that her family members were nearby and did not think too much of it.

I woke up in a daze after a couple hours to find her jumping in the seat, full of energy. Of course, kids. We made eye contact and she begins to berate me with questions. Very direct questions.

“What’s wrong with you?” “Oh nothing, just tired” “Why? It’s morning” “ I did not sleep much last night” “Why? Does your face always have that? (pointing to some acne spot) “ Does it hurt?” “Do you want to play any games?”

This proceeded for half an hour, until I learnt her whole story. Let’s call her 小美 (Xiao Mei) for the story sake. Xiao Mei is only 8-years old and she is traveling all by her myself back to her hometown, Huaihua, China. She is very gifted, and goes to a well-known elementary school in Shanghai, but has not seen her family for months. This explains the excitement.

Our conversation was entirely in Chinese and at some point, I realize that I was clearly outmatched in language.

Now, let me give some proper context. I have been learning Mandarin intensively for 4 months up until now and received the highest speaking marks at my current level (intermediate beginner). Needless to say, I was feeling pretty good about myself. And yet, this 8 year old (native speaker) was grammatically superior and knew considerably more words.

I did not want to admit it. Curious to see the extent of her knowledge, I pulled out my Chinese textbook, and thus began our Chinese reading contest. I will spare you the details, it does not end well for me.

Here I am, a foreigner with only a backpack on his own journey through China and Mandarin acquisition. With brimming confidence, I thought my trip would be a great assessment of how far my language acquisition has come along. Who would have guessed, within the first 3 hours, I would be humbled by an 8-year old girl. (probably a genius, let’s go with genius!)

Humbling yourself is a great reminder to keep your ego in check and keep matters in perspective. It is amazing to celebrate your victories, just do not forget that the world is always moving forward. There will almost certainly be someone working just as hard, celebrating some of the same victories, and looking to elevate their skills and abilities to the next level. You must constantly be changing and improving.

Until next time,

Peace and Love! (From the genius herself)

3 Lessons from traveling in Kunming

Confused. A touch of panic. Out of breath. I’m sitting on the bus in the outskirts of Kunming, China, and I do not have the slightest clue if I picked the right side of the road or not. One will eventually take me to my destination and the other one will inevitably ruin the day-trip by placing me on the complete opposite side of the city.

As I sat there catching my breath, I pondered : how did this happen? I was so diligent in my research, I used the top resources, I had ample time to prep, and still, it came down to a 50/50 gamble. I realized this situation resembles a great deal of what we face in business and in life.

Cue lessons:

Be adaptable –

All I needed was 2 bus transfers to arrive at my destination. During the first transfer, I was informed that the next bus transfer did not “exist” anymore. Construction has recently changed some of the bus routes and lucky for me, my bus was part of the change.

You can plan as much as you want, but it’s almost always going to be different when one is on the field. There are always going to be random obstacles in the way, things that you have no control over. These matters do not deserve your energy nor your worries. Rather, use it as an opportunity to practice being flexible and adapt to the new scenario. It is how people have always survived throughout history.

Be willing to ask for help –

This is personal sticking point of mine. When you are lost, it’s time to put your ego aside and ask for help. In the face of frustration, whether in your travels, your business or in life, one’s ability to connect with the people surrounding them will make the difference between success and failure. Whether you label it a “network”, the tourist office, or any stranger that seems like they might know, the idea here to ask and make the best possible choice. You will always find an answer if you can manage to ask the right question. Practice asking for help.

Trust your intuition –

I manage to make my guess because I looked at both sides of the road and I thought about the map that I had studied earlier that morning. I have always thought traveling is a great method for honing the ability to listen to your intuition. You simply make a decision based on your gut and you accept all possible scenarios. The best and the worst.

I ultimately picked left and I ran to try to catch the bus as it was departing. Dodging cars and motorcycles just to jump on in the final seconds. All you can do is make the decision in front of you and run towards what you believe to be the right answer.

In the end, I got to my destination and spend the next 3 hours climbing 西山(Xi Shan)

Was it worth it?


Believing In The Impossible

The current NBA finals between Miami (Heat) and San Antonio (Spurs) have been a one-sided battle thus far. The series is at (3-1) for a very deserving and dominant Spurs team and they are one win away from winning their 5th championship within the last two decades. The defending champion, the Miami Heat, are tasked with taking down the Spurs for three straight games to win their 3rd Championship in three years. The stakes are high to say the least for both parties.

Most articles and sports analysts have written off the Heat by now, and believes wholeheartedly that it is “over.” They have good reason for it as well as “no team in NBA history has ever come back from a 3-1 deficit in the finals” (0-31) to be exact.

Miami currently faces the greatest of odds and I believe that is what makes the story so compelling. All the statistics and history of the game has shown that it is “impossible.”

What is this word “impossible”? It is the question that every inventor, pioneer, sports superstar, rising business mogul, and anyone ambitious enough to try something different tries to answer within their lifetime.

Is it not just a 10 letter word created to label an event or thing that has never been done or seen before? It implies that it will never happen.

However, there are many examples throughout history labeled “impossible” before it ever happen. (Ex: flying, same-sex marriages, African American president etc…) Not to make this series as important as life or death because after all, it is just the game of basketball.

This is an even greater opportunity for the Miami Heat to make history. They can be the 1st team to come back from such a deficit and I believe IF they do, the world would side with them. Everybody loves a comeback story, and this would be one for the ages.

What should people believe though? The statistics? The body language of both teams? The impossible?

I believe a scenario like this what life is all about. Playing to win, facing adversity, going against the greatest of odds, and still believing in yourself OR your team when the rest of world has turned their backs to you.

This is the beauty of competition. This is the beauty of that question “how bad you want it?”
Both teams have worked years to be exactly where they are, and in theory, both teams deserve to win. But there can be only one winner. One reigning champion.

Maybe the Heat will win, maybe the Spurs will win. I think it is more important to see what one chooses to believe in before they enter the fight of their lives.

“Why not us? History is broken all the time,” Lebron James (interviewed after Game 4 loss)

What do you believe will happen?

Shanghai vs. Jay Wong – Round 1

The first of day of Shanghai was nothing short of a beautiful disaster. Think of a video game, where you keep failing the level over and over again, and you keep restarting in hopes of one day being triumphant. This is a story about learning…and mostly getting my butt kicked all day by China processes.

Maybe it was the smell of rain as we landed, or maybe it was just an early morning (6:25am to be exact), but I arrived to Shanghai half awake and feeling a peculiar sense of adventure. New place, new people, a language that I barely know how to speak, my heart is beating.
Here is the plan : get to the university, drop my bags off, and register for the language program at East China Normal University (ECNU). Not too ambitious, all necessary and sounds relatively simple.

Let the game begin :

Jay’s Thinking : I have been to Shanghai before, and I know how to take the metro. I will take that to the university!

Shanghai’s Reality : (aka 1st clue of how this day was going to play out) : Going from Pudong International Airport on Line 2 (the central line in Shanghai) to Jinshajiang Rd Station…on a Monday morning during rush hour!!! Genius move. Let’s not mention the exchange from Line 2 to Line 3 / 4 at Zhongshan Park. IF you have never walked it, it is simply an unnecessary amount of stairs. Just add on the 2 bags of luggage, and my morning workout was exhausting to say the least. (approx 2 hours of travel time)

Jay’s Thinking : “Well, I am spent! At least I managed to get to the university.” Let’s try to get registered.

Shanghai’s Reality : There are hundreds of foreign exchange students and language students that come for the 1st day. “Please wait your turn” (90 minutes later…) ”OH, we need an address and residence permit, have you checked in to your dormitory yet? Please do that first, then come back”

Jay’s Thinking : That is part of the plan anyways, makes sense. I will be back later this afternoon. Leave towards residence to check in….

Shanghai’s Reality : Go to the residence (which is a HOTEL – completely separate post for later…) and they need me to pay for the semester upfront!

Jay’s Thinking : “Jeez…that’s quite a bit of money all at once.” I do not have enough RMB (Chinese currency) on me, let me go to the bank, open a bank account and transfer funds out of my “Canadian” account. I will be back later this afternoon.

Shanghai’s Reality : Go to the bank, (wait roughly 90 minutes again.) I guess the 1st day of registration is really not the best day for account openings. Finally, it is my turn, let’s begin the paperwork! “Sir, we noticed that you left your phone number blank, you need a phone number to open an account. OH, it’s your 1st day here and you do not have a Chinese number? We are sorry, we cannot open a bank account for you. Please come back when you have a phone number.”

Jay’s Thinking : “WOW!!” It is mid-afternoon and I have managed to start 3 separate processes with no result in sight…China is kicking my butt!” I will go get a Chinese number, that seems easy enough.

Shanghai’s Reality : It was relatively easy…New SIM card and you are supposedly good to go. OH wait…you have an iPhone that is locked to a carrier in Canada, no phone access for you! At least you have a phone number now…

Jay’s Thinking : Let’s go back to the bank and try to get that account so I can get money out. (Wait roughly a hour this time…) Great, I have an account NOW! Let’s talk fund transfers! “No, my card is NOT under UnionPay (the only China domestic bank card organization) Conclusion of conversation : I am essentially locked out of my funds on any of my cards. Well played Shanghai, well played.

The last hours of my day were spent walking back to my residence (the hotel at ECNU campus) in the rain and pondering how I am going to explain myself to the staff there. Maybe I should stay in an hostel? Maybe I will sleep outside? I needed just 1 break, and I did not get it all day.

I put the entire residence fees on my VISA and finally got let in to my room. (My break!) My home for the next 5 months. It was roughly 7 degrees that day, but it felt like I just walked into a freezer. Tried to work the heater, cannot read Chinese. Put my winter jacket on. You win this round Shanghai… I will be better for days to come.


5 Unusual/Ingenuous Observations in 3 days of China

These are simply things that I noticed in my first 72 hours in Shanghai last week and should not be taken into any type of context except for my thoughts on each topic.  This entry is not meant to offend or criticize the Asian culture and community in Shanghai.  Ok, maybe poke fun a bit…

I will not be touching on the cliché foreigner experiences of describing in detail how awful the toilet hygiene here is OR how people are always coughing without a hand over their mouths OR the initial shock of being surrounded constantly with thousands of Asians.

The following 5 observations have never really been mentioned to me by anyone, and I am sure there are logical explanations for all of them.  That can be another post for another time.

Let’s start :

1. Push and/or Pull doors – China Doors go both way :

Why in the world would you label a door “Push” or “Pull” if it does both? At that point, what is the purpose of the label?  Decoration perhaps?  I have seen countless times where a door is labeled one or the other, and yet I find that you can do both in most cases.  Check this out :

Why only swing one way, if you can swing both ways? What is China’s real stance on accepting homosexuality? All joking aside, I personally find this very convenient, yet funny that they went through the labeling process for these ambidextrous doors.

2. Why is it freezing everywhere?

Coming from Canada, I feel as if I am entitled to speak on the topic of when it is appropriate to label outside “cold” or just brisk.  It has been “cold” the last few days and it has only been 3-10 degrees C.  This is the type of cold that your internal body temperature lowers when you enter a NEW room without heating…which is every room!  It is almost as if they dislike using a heater OR they have not discovered the pleasures of central heating for buildings.  I know we will complain when it is disturbingly humid outside during the summer months, but until then, I will find comfort wearing my winter jacket to bed.

3.  Movies on the metro

Now, I am all for watching interesting shows and movies at inappropriate moments in life, but what is with the fact that people are watching full length films on their tablets or cell phones during their commute. I am talking about plot development, character development, fights scenes, love scenes etc… Perhaps it is cool to watch 1/3 of a 3 hour film, and you can finish the movie in 3 commutes. Perhaps they just have VERY LONG commutes (2+ hours) and it makes sense. Maybe, I have too much criteria for binging or watching a TV show. (Ex: preferably in my room where no one can judge me for wasting a day or a few days…) It does beg the question though : how good are these movies and shows? (Ex: House of Cards < random Chinese show) If that was the case, I might be very inclined to follow suit.  Here are a few examples : (Clearly, I am awesome with an Iphone camera)

Train 1Train 3Train 2Train 4 Train 5IMG_1106[1]

4.  Running in the rain:

My school has 2 complete tracks, which I find refreshing considering my last university did not even have one close by.  Over the last decade that I have been running on tracks, I usually assume that when you make the conscious decision that you will run in the rain, you are going to get wet. It is just how it goes down. Every time, same result.  Until, I saw this :

Now, it was not just him. I saw another fellow doing the same thing.  Innovative, logically makes sense, and completely ridiculous.  Perhaps it stabilizes your arm muscles and increase hand grip while you do sprints in the rain.  Perhaps they are butlers-in-training for extremely wealthy Chinese businessmen that enjoy the occasional jog/track workout. A must try for my next run…OR my next round of butler auditions.

5.  They have service underground:

If you are successful in getting any type of data plan, you will realize that you will have service everywhere you go.  Taking the subway, no problem! Perhaps this explains my third observation… On one hand, I find this ingenious because you can address a variety of errands during your commute. (Ex : work emails, family emails, Skype with a friend, catching up on shows etc…) On the other, it made me realize that people here do not have an opportunity to unplug…ever! Unless intentionally, they always have the option of being online or in front of some type of media.  This can easily transition into a “technology has made everything in the world faster and better, and yet meaningful communication is almost nonexistent in today’s world” type of argument, but I am going to cut it short here.

Perhaps life is better with your senses being distracted at all times.  Perhaps, sometimes we just need a reminder to look up, take in what is really going on around us, for us to truly appreciate each moment.

First stop : Fear Central

Most people do not start or do anything significant with their lives for a variety of reasons.  Perhaps it is how they grew up in their surrounding environment. Perhaps it is an inability to access education or information.  Perhaps it is just complacency or lack of purpose.

Well, for my 21st century peers that had the privilege of being born in the western half of the world; with all the access and opportunities surrounding them, it boils down to only a few variables.  In my humble opinion, it is strictly base on the fact that people are fearful.  Fearful of rejection from their peers, from loved ones, even fear of rejection from pure strangers.  Fear of not being perfect,  fear of being judged, and not being within what society dictates as “cool” or “trendy.”

I have been contemplating starting a blog for the greater part of a year now, never knowing when, and even if I was telling myself the truth.  “Will you really be a blogger?” Just another voice in the ocean of opinions that exist through this luxury/addiction called the  “internet.”  This blog might be that exact thing.  Just another blog post that you are reading at work or in your room, but then I realize that I shared in all the fears listed above.  Something had to be done…

I wanted to start, but then came all the thoughts on how I perceive my own blog to be. It needs to be long enough to have substance/content, but short enough because I know everyone has media a.d.d.  these days.  It needs to be right level of humor, taken seriously,  but at the same time not as a joke.  Do I write about my life?  Do I write about my unproven ideas and experiences in the current world?  Am I good enough?  Who really cares? As you can see, the process can get draining and eventually, one can easily come to the conclusion that it is just too hard.  It is NOT for me, I am not even a writer!  It becomes almost a joke that you took yourself and the idea seriously  for any period of time.

“Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here” – Marianne Williamson

The act of starting is more for yourself than anyone else.  Think of it as a social experiment where you just want to see if you can humanly do it. Doing it well comes with time and practice.

Whatever scares you in life, you should run towards it.  Whether it be starting a relationship, starting a business, or even venting to the internet about your inner thoughts, just start.  You can deal with consequences after you prove to yourself that your fear does not exist and it is an illusion that your mind happily created.  This is by no means belittling your feelings behind these fears. Rather, it is you accepting the fear and taking action upon it.

Be real with yourself.  Does it really matter what everyone else thinks?  I recommend that you pick a fear today and have fun with it.  Go on you beautiful butterfly, spread your wings and leave your mark on this world!